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Holly Pixels Studio Website Is Live!

Holly Pixels Studio Website Is Live!

I'm super excited to finally be off the Etsy platform and focusing on building my own business website for my enamel pins, vinyl stickers, planner stickers, clear stamps and more goodies that will feature my illustrations.

Why did I leave Etsy?

Well, first of all, I wanted more control over my products and how they were being seen. With Etsy it's a crap shoot. And, I've had success in the past with advertising, but over the past year the results have been less than stellar.

The other reason was I am not happy with how Etsy continuously changes and updates fees. They are now requiring hat any shop that makes $10K in sales within 12 months participate in their off site advertising program and pay additional fees with no way to opt out. Personally, I feel every shop should be able to choose that.

And, finally, I can make my pricing more competitive without the additional selling fees.

What Else Will I Be Selling Here at Holly Pixels Studio?

Pretty much anything I can find that I can put my art on that I know you'll love. Right now I have my enamel pins, my vinyl stickers, my planner stickers and will soon be listing my clear stamps. I'm looking at mugs, art prints and t-shirts and totes too!

Be Patient With Me!

If you find a listing up without an image yet, it is coming. It takes some time to get them all prepped for this site. Plus I am counting inventory while I do this so everything is totally accurate for us. Message me if you want me to get something listed asap.

And, Save 10%

You can save 10% when you sign up for my email list. I will be sending this code out to existing subscribers this week, so stay tuned. Sign up by looking at the bottom of my website page. You'll receive my sales emails and as welcome, you'll get my 10% off coupon code.

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